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Lady Francesca
На тумблере попалось. Про момент с кричащим в камере Локи *меня продолжает душить злость и я сама скоро сама так закричу*. Мне, впрочем, по-прежнему ничего не понятно с этим.

So…it happened not long after Loki found out his mother died. Thor goes down to see him and Lokis standing there in his cool prison gear but Thor called his bluff and hes like enough with these sharades! Then Loki fades out then we see him up against the wall on the floor and everythings broken and tossed about and destroyd around him. I forgot what Thor said that made him do it, but Loki got really tense and frustrated then just randomly started screaming.

It was so great and intense.

I saw the movie about 2-3 weeks ago at an advance screening before it got released in Australia. So maybe they had a special cut for advance screenings. This usually happens.

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Lady Francesca
Самое популярное шоу в Асгарде))

И ответ Криса тут тоже)

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Lady Francesca
Один из любимых моментов. Хотя кого я обманываю?)) Они все любимые))

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